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  3. Is The British Government Hiding The Loch Ness Monster?
  4. Express Pictures reports on the world's unsolved mysteries.

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The Micah Hanks Program | Podbay

Ringo from Phoebe and Her Unicorn , who is a Nessie-like monster that lives in the lake near a summer camp Phoebe attends. He also happens to be friends with a Creepy Child named Sue, and Marigold develops a crush on him in spite of her being a unicorn though he is Oblivious to Love. In A Thing of Vikings , Hiccup has visited Loch Ness during his trips to Britain to investigate rumours of a Tidal-class dragon living there, but so far he has found nothing to confirm or deny the theory that such a creature exists.

Lake Placid had a giant crocodile, which was raised by a surprisingly foul-mouthed Betty White , and was running amok eating people. As it turns out, there's actually two of them. And they had babies. At least The film Loch Ness in which an American scientist trying to disprove the existence of the Monster, only to later disprove his own evidence when he accidentally finds it. The Water Horse posits that the titular creature is a dinosaur-like beast which reproduces by laying a single egg and dying, so only one is in existence at a time.

Yes, you read that right.


A tourist had decided to visit the Loch Ness lake, in the hopes of seeing the famous monster. Looking for information, he asks a local: Tourist : Tell me; when does the monster usually appear? Local : Usually after the sixth glass , mister.

Danny Dunn and his friends once went searching for a lake monster in central Africa, thinking it might be a dinosaur. It turned out to be no, really! Steve Alten writes a lot of books with Sea Monsters. In a twist however, Nessie isn't a peaceful plesiosaur it's pointed out that Nessie couldn't be a plesiosaur since if it was an air-breathing creature there'd be a hell of a lot more sightings of it but a giant eel with a taste for tourists. Turns out it and several like it were put there by an ancient Scottish order, then trapped and brain-damaged by construction and pollution.

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That caused them to grow to an unnatural size , broke their normal food chain, and turned them savage. Claire encounters one in Outlander. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them explains that the Loch Ness monster is actually a shapeshifting lake monster that turns into an otter when Muggle tourists are around.

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Is The British Government Hiding The Loch Ness Monster?

Erasmus Darwin had an encounter with this critter in The Amazing Dr. According to the Star Trek: Stargazer novels, the trope isn't just confined to Earth. Nol Kastiigan seems to think so, but it's not certain. The Redwall novel High Rhulain features the reptilian Slothunog. It's only on one page, but it makes up for it by being the most awesome page in the book.

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  • There's also the Deepcoiler in Salamandastron , a giant carnivorous eel that lives in a great inland lake. The shrews thought it was a myth. They were wrong. Anthill: A Novel by E.

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    Wilson mentions one. It's probably just a myth. Nessie makes a brief cameo in Illuminatus! In Voyage of the Basset the sea serpent looks like this. In a variation on the "monster" bit, he's actually a good creature. Shady from Hometown. An odd and suspicious case, since all sightings and attacks report a creature far too large to survive and stay hidden in the bodies of water where the sightings took place.

    And yet the bodies, mauled by an unknown but appropriately-sized animal, keep turning up. When Janine's sent back in time in Dinoverse and encounters an Elasmosaurus she immediately nicknames Nessie. Nessie's a big time Prehistoric Monster here, going after pterosaurs and using its neck like a constrictor snake to attack a Tyrannosaurus rex that was wading in the shallows.

    This may or may not be related to the time Johnny Maxwell claimed to have found Nessie in his goldfish pond. Alice, Girl from the Future had a dragon from The Time of Myths say that Nessie is probably his niece; she was very lazy; so once she met Archimedes and learned from him that anything submerged in the water loses a lot of weight, she decided to live in the water so as to avoid carrying that weight.

    Express Pictures reports on the world's unsolved mysteries.

    The InCryptid series, utterly unsurprisingly, has a number of these. The first that the reader sees is the Michigan Lake Monster, which features prominently in the short story "Loch and Key.

    Loch Ness Monster Story - River Monsters

    Specifically noted as not being sea monsters, as these are freshwater beasts and will quickly die if introduced to the ocean. The Loch Moose Monster in Mirabile. The protagonist finds out what it really is early on, but takes inspiration from the original Nessie and encourages her friends at the Loch Moose Lodge to play it up as a mysterious tourist attraction, complete with deliberately fuzzy photographs and the like, because the people of Mirabile tend to be nervous around new species with good reason in many cases and she doesn't want anybody panicking and wiping it out before it has a chance to get established.

    Ology Series : Monsterology includes lake serpents, immensely long-lived plesiosaur-like animals found all over the world, in its chapter on water-dwelling animals. Since only one is known to live in any given lake, no one knows how they manage to reproduce. Event Group : Some odd, turtle-shelled plesiosaurs show up in a lagoon in Brazil in book 2. Live-Action TV. Bass - try to convince people there's a lake monster. In Bewitched the Loch Ness Monster is actually an old warlock boyfriend of Samantha's who got transformed into a monster.

    Doctor Who : The Skarasen a. Much later on, Sarah Jane was able to namedrop the Loch Ness Monster during an argument with Rose as to which Companion endured the most incredible "space stuff". Rose couldn't trump it. The paradox was cleared up in the Eighth Doctor Adventures novel The Taking of Planet 5 , when the Borad is eliminated just after his arrival in the past by a Time Lord clean-up crew.

    They return with a man in a Nessie costume. And a real Nessie egg. Which hatches. The Lost Tapes episode "Monster of Monterey" contemplates that one or more elasmosaurs carnivorous marine reptiles of the plesiosaur order may inhabit Monterey Canyon and are responsible for many of the mysterious disappearances amongst sailors in those waters, with the ominous shadow that twice glides past the boat looking very much like the plesiosaur silhouette.

    On an episode of Married In another episode, they were searching for "Ogopogo", and they found what they believed was a dead baby Ogopogo Some of the giant fish pursued on River Monsters have a reputation for bumping boats or dragging fishermen into the water, feats often attributed to the scarier versions of this trope. Jeremy Wade eventually did a two-hour episode devoted to Nessie.