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Photos: Butterflies. Photos: Odonata Meme Links. Tuesday, 6 April First Flutters for April. I know it's not the ideal time for birdwatching but standing and walking is far more comfortable than sitting down! For the first hour trudging along muddy paths there was little activity except the songs of Chiffchaff, Blackbird and Song Thrush plus the ever present Jays and Magpies. Despite a thorough search I didn't hear or see any Willow Warblers.

While taking a rest at the main pond a Peacock butterfly first sighting this year rested nearby and very high overhead 3 Common Buzzard circled for a moment and then moved northwards over the woods. On one of the smaller ponds I stood and watched a pair of Mallard practicing their synchronised swimming routine. Interesting to see the female paddling like mad to stay upside down! For the first time since I don't know how long a Jay actually sat still long enough for a photocall.

Heading uphill through the quiet woodland glades I watched a number of Comma butterflies, another first for the year. Brimstones and Whites were also flitting around but never settled. With the back pain much reduced I may risk a longer trip out tomorrow.


Shelley 7 April at Montanagirl 7 April at Anna 7 April at Lois Evensen 7 April at The Early Birder 7 April at Warren Baker 7 April at Anonymous 7 April at Haven—at 15 63 You know in your heart he's Right! Luc—at 13 67 "Wipe me, please, sir! Donal—at 13 73 "Dessert c-c-coming up! Luc—at 13 77 The long and short of it. Pro Bono Sapciety 78 The F. Parris—at 14 81 Muffling the transports of lust.

Cencio—at 13 83 The reluctant virgin. Roy—at 14 84 I am laggard in seducing him—and he blames me! Carr—at 16 87 Fill 'er up with high-test! Luc—at 13 88 About a certain ineffable sticky whitish fluid. Jason—at 14 89 A boy-Svengali and a recalcitrant Trilby. Donal—at 13 91 "Go on and take s-s-seconds, Duke!

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Anstruther 94 The answer to the Faustian quest for youth. Donal—at 13 98 "I don't mind trying it when my b-b-butt heals! Luc—at 13 That unspeakable phrase: "I love you! The Gone Beloved Cheat—at 13? Rowan—at 17 Originator of the 'poor-boy' sandwich. Pascal—at 18 Aphrodisia is no lady! August—at 17 A calf is a lethal lover. Andy—at 14 Of a persistent cyst and a phoenix foreskin. Luc—at 13 Even hyperbole seems not enough! The Feminine Mystaque Nothing but the truth—on the whole. Wakefield—at 14 "Cold pops, why you play so hard to get! Bucky—at 14 The young wrestler who could stand while lying down.

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Luc—at 13 Pull up an electric chair and sit down! Ben—at 18 Abandon all hope, ye who enter here! Luc—at 13 An exercise in phallic undexterity.

Baby Steps Toward a Simpler Life

Renfrew—at 13 The pitiful account of an outwitted sex-fiend. Luc—at 13 Harvard may call it Proctology but I call it Sodomy.

Norbert—at 16 Money makes the mare go and the stud come. Kevin—at 14 Who killed Cock Robin? Luc—at 13 The aphrodisiac 'hic'!

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Rex—at 15 I love to see that evening son go down! Luc—at 13 Define 'incest,' Mother Goose! Chinois Connu Won Hung Lo. Mercer—at 16 Brush your teeth, man, they're hairy! Luc—at 13 Beauty and the Beast and a Birthmark. Sherry—at 13 Pull it out deeper 'cause it hurts so nice! Luc—at 13 You're the cream in my coffee! Pell—at 13 Does your mother know you're out? Luc—at 13 An 'L' of a cutup is Casimir.

Molto Molto Sotto Voce!

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Post-Mortem An ice pick and an obituary. Luc—at 13 The medicinal value of a scorned substance.


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Kenneth—at 12 Suffer little children to come unto me.