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How to Control Anger: The Deadly Enemy [Nov 30, 2004] Gupta, M.K.
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  3. How to Control Anger: The Deadly Enemy by M.K. Gupta
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It talks about various solutions that can help you control this emotion in various contexts and circumstances. It discusses concepts like manifestation of anger, effects of anger on body and mind, short-term and long-term solutions to control anger, facing anger of others, constructive anger, how to resolve repressed anger, and benefits of conquests of anger.

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Gupta is an Indian author of self-help books. He is associated with the publishing house, Pustak Mahal.

Pustak Mahal is one of the most renowned publishing houses of India. They develop and bring out quality textbooks and educational books that conform to various educational boards of the country. Their books have been supporting those who aspire to excel in competitive examinations. The authors who compile these books are highly well-regarded connoisseurs and proficient in their respective fields.

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Gupta M. And the less control you have, the more stress you experience. So when you think in a proactive, positive way, you focus on what you CAN control. This reduces stress.

A major scientific study in the U. On the other hand, workers higher up experienced much less stress. As a result, they called in sick less often, felt more supported, were treated more fairly and lived longer. The reasons why is simple: they had more control.

By using positive self-talk, you focus on the things you DO control and this eases your stress responses. No, it makes a measurable difference. For example, the world-renowned Mayo Clinic recommends the following:. Be gentle and encouraging with yourself. Surround yourself with positive people.

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Make sure those in your life are supportive people you can depend on to give helpful advice and feedback. Negative people, those who believe they have no power over their lives, may increase your stress level and may make you doubt your ability to manage stress in healthy ways. Take Time for Yourself. Be sure to get enough rest your body repairs itself when you sleep , eat right and take a break. Avoid junk food and empty calories. Supplements like vitamins, extra protein, and Omega-3 can also help.

Slow down and your stress will decrease.

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Connect with Others. The more friends you have, the longer you live. Study after study proves people with strong social bonds live longer, healthier lives because socializing has powerful healing effects. Laughing, sharing stories, empathizing and seeing old friends are healthy ways of coping with stress. Even talking can have curative power. Connecting with others fights stress.

How to Control Anger: The Deadly Enemy eBook: MK Gupta: Kindle Store

This could be the most powerful stress-reducer of all. It also reduces your reaction to stressors. This boosts your immune system and keeps you healthy. Exercise also lowers blood pressure, reduces strain on your heart, and helps you lose weight.

How to Control Anger: The Deadly Enemy by M.K. Gupta

Exercise also provides a temporary break from stress. Even better, when you exercise in a group setting, these benefits are magnified. Did you notice a pattern here? Did you notice that training at Karate for Kids supports all five of these coping techniques?

La secte sanglante (French Edition)

Think about it: We promote positive thinking, encourage self-awareness, help you avoid bad habits, connect you with other positive people, and get you some exercise! Posted by bill in Message Archive List on 11 28th, no responses. Natalie Goldberg—Wild Mind As martial artists, we do everything we can to prepare for outside threats such as bullies, criminals and other people who would do us harm.

So here they are: Tip 1: Know Your Triggers The first step in fighting stress is to know what triggers it in the first place. So ask yourself these questions: When is the last time I felt stressed? Think Positive When you feel out of control, it creates stress.